Studio Guide

Welcome to the Unison.School online music studio!



When you first open the studio page, you should see a xylophone like the image above.

Go ahead and play! You can click, tap (on touch screens), or even use the number keys on your keyboard.

The instrument accepts multiple touches.

Instrument Menu

At the top of the screen is an instrument menu. Click on this menu to see various options.

Mobile Instrument Menu

Notice that on mobile devices, the instrument menu is insIde the dropdown menu in the corner. You will probably have to scroll down to see all the options.


The first option under the instrument menu is to change the keyboard to a Bass Xylophone, Alto Xylophone, Soprano Xylophone, Alto Glockenspiel, Soprano Glockenspiel, or Piano (see Piano section below).

The xylophones all look the same, but you will hear the pitch range change. The glockenspiels are similar, but gray colored, and have a metal sound.


Below the keyboards in the menu is a label selector. Choose from letter names, solfege, both, or no labels.


Next in the menu is a scale selector. This is similar to how classroom barred instruments have removable bars. Choose from Pentatonic, Hexatonic, or Diatonic scales, including F♯ and B♭ bars.



To change the range of the piano, use the gray indicators on each sIde of the screen. You can also adjust the displayed number of octaves in the instruments menu.


By clicking the Staff button next to the instrument menu, you can open up a staff above any keyboard. When you click a keyboard button, the staff note lights up, and when you click a staff note, the keyboard key lights up!