Rhythm Assessment Guide

Welcome to the Unison.School rhythm assessment game!

Like the instrument studio, the rhythm assessment is available for free from any device, anywhere.

Unlike the instruments, this assessment also allows students to take a scored test, and teachers to view the scores of their students!

Click here to learn how to sign in and purchase a subscription.

Using as a Guest

Playing Rhythms

Click on the word Rhythm in the top menu. (Pull down menu from the right for mobile).

You will see a simple 4-beat rhythm pattern written in 4/4 time. Below this are two buttons: Check and Restart, with a drum in the middle.

When you tap or click the drum on the screen, or tap the space bar on your keyboard, you should hear a drum sound. Try to tap exactly the pattern written on the screen, then click "Check". If you know you have made a mistake, press "Restart" instead.

You will get a popup message that tells you if you played the rhythm correctly. Use the "Next" or "Retry" buttons to continue.


Once you have completed a rhythm, you will see a score being kept at the top of the page. This is broken up into different categories for different mistakes, and the large numbers are your total. You can reset the score at any time.

Using as a Teacher

Selecting an Assessment Level

If you are logged in as a teacher with an active rhythm assessment subscription, you will see the same screen, but with an additional option at the top to select different assessments.

Since the more difficult assessments include longer durations, the instrument will switch to a triangle. For these assessments, you must hold down the mouse, finger, or space bar to show long durations.

Create a Class

To set up a class for assessments, log in, click on the "Teacher" menu at the top, and select "Classes". If this is your first class, you will need to set up a School Term (e.g. trimester, semester, year) first.

Click the "Add Class" button, and you will get a popup window with options. For the rhythm assessment, the important fields are to select the "Rhythm Rubric", and to add students, which you can with the "Prepopulate" option. You should also set a password for students.

The other options here are explained in the Lesson Planner Guide.

View Scores

On the class page, open up the dropdown to view student scores.

Using as a Student

Logging In

To take the assessment, students should first log in. The student login page starts by selecting State, then District, then Building, then Class Name, and finally the student number. Students will get their password from their teachers.

Take the Test!

Once logged in, click on the Rhythm menu. You will be given the option to practice (which is just like the guest page) or take the test.

When taking the test, play the instrument just as when practicing. However, after 10 rhythms, you will receive a message that your score is being submitted to the teacher.