Lesson Planner Guide

Welcome to the Unison.School Teacher Lesson Planner!

This tool is for logged in teachers with active subscriptions. However, you can sign up for free, and create up to five lessons and five classes with a free account.

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Lesson Plans (Unit Plans)

Click on the "Teacher" menu at the top and select "Lessons". This will open up a list of lesson plans that you have created.

To create a new lesson, click the "New Lesson" button. To edit an existing lesson, click on it's title or the "Edit" button.

Dropdown Menus

Fill in the form to create a lesson plan. Many fields, such as Grade, Elements, Standards, and Media have dropdown menus from which you can choose. This makes the work much faster than typing out long sections.

Format Text and Insert Images

Fields such as Objectives, Resources, and Process allow you to edit text with bullets, numbered lists, italics, bold, and underlines.

You can also insert images from your computer or device, a great way to add musical scores to your lesson plan.

View Lesson and Print

You may view a completed version of your lesson plan at any time by pressing the "View" button at the top of the form.

From the view page, use your browser's built in Print menu (Ctrl+P on Windows, Command+P on Mac) to print or save the lesson plan as a PDF. The lesson will automatically be formatted to fit on the page.

See also the Class/Calendar Guide.