You're the Professional. Let Unison.School help.

You've dedicated your life to teaching. You love your students, and they love you. You spend hours every evening planning the perfect lesson for the next day, and half your summer searching for training to take your teaching to the next level.

The promise of technology has always been that it will make our lives easier. Yet too often, we find students becoming passive consumers of musical content, rather than active participants. Technology can be like candy: a little bit is a treat, but a lot is bad for you. And with limited time, do you really want your students watching videos instead of making music?

What if technology made you faster at planning, giving you back your evenings?

What if, with a five-minute brain break, you could assess the rhythmic skills of your entire class?

What if students would use technology to practice at home?

Unison.School gives teachers and students tools that actually save time and expand learning opportunities. We don't want to replace the music teacher. We want to help them be amazing.

Teachers, register now to receive an account with five Free Unit Lesson Plansfive Class Seating Charts, and Five Classrooms with Rhythm Assessments. You also get personalized email and phone support, and the chance to help make Unison.School even better!

Posted by Tim@CRT
Posted on 9/5/17 9:36:21 PM
Tags: Lesson Planner, Grade Book, Music Education, Orff Schulwerk, Rhythm Assessment


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