Unit Lessons for Long-Term Planning

In our last post, we discussed getting started with the Unison.School planner. The planner is ideal for day-to-day class tracking. However, we often have lesson ideas that span days, weeks, or even months. This is where the Lessons component of Unison.School shines. Lessons are ideal for instructional units, studying a particular piece of repertoire, or any other plan that takes longer than a single period to accomplish.

Dropdown Menu

Using the built-in dropdown menus, you can quickly select musical elements, national and state standards, without having to copy/paste from another page or type them in!

Custom Formatting

Take advantage of full formatting options in most fields, such as italicizing solfege names (e.g. do-re-mi), and using a numbered list for the steps of your process. Just like with Word, except you don't have to create the full template!

Reading View

At the top-right of the page is a button to go to reading view, which displays the entire lesson in a clean, easily-read format. From here, you can use the "Print" menu built into your browser (Ctrl-P on Windows, Command-P on Mac, arrow up button on iOS) to print out or create a PDF for sharing.

Share in the App!

From within Unison.School, at the top of your Lessons list, you can view apps shared with you personally, or shared within the school, district, or everyone! Click on "All Shared Lessons" on the right to view 10+ free lesson plans I've added in there. Feel free to add your own!

Sync with Google Drive

Your building administrator probably doesn't want to remember how to log into Unison.School to view your lesson plans. That's why it's as easy as clicking a button and logging into Google to share lessons, pre-formatted to PDF, and updated as you make changes! This will create a folder in your Drive titled with your name and "Unison.School Lessons", which you can then share with anyone.

Connect to Daily Planner

Of course, writing a lengthy lesson plan is only helpful if it's easy to access and reference during class. That's why the detail view of the Planner includes an option to reference and link to unit lessons. Select one from the dropdown list (it will only display lessons written for the same grade level as the class), and the "Process" section of your lesson will pop up on the screen!


Impress your principal with your incredible organization, and start using the Unison.School Lessons module today! Not registered? Click Here to get started.

Posted by Tim@CRT
Posted on 1/6/18 8:43:14 PM


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