Teacher Portal in Live Beta

Unison.School now offers a free beta trial service to teachers for lesson planning, class scheduling, and student assessment.

Lesson Planning (limit 5 lessons in trial)

Edit Lesson  Print Lesson

Based on the popular Creative Sequence Music Teacher app by Tim Purdum.

  • Dropdown menus with standards, elements, and media
  • Rich text fields with font formatting and inserting scores and other images
  • Printable/pdf view for sharing. 

Class Event Calendar (limit 5 classes in trial)

Month Calendar

  • Set a teaching session (semester, year), mark days off (PD, holidays)
  • Create a class, and set days in a rotation, days of the week, etc.
  • The calendar will be auto-populated with class events.
  • Edit individual class events, adding links to lesson plans, lesson steps with a check-off for completion, and changing times/days as needed.

Student Rhythm Assessment (limit to 1st grade assessment in trial)

Rhythm Demo

  • Create students with the class creator mentioned above.
  • Students can log in by finding their school name, class name, and number. Students are only identified by numbers, unless you choose to add specific usernames.
  • Once logged in, students that visit the rhythm page of Unison.School will be given ten rhythms to perform.
  • After completing, the score will be saved back to the teacher portal.

Like all of Unison.School, these tools are accessible from any device. To get started, create a free account. And please share feedback, so that we can make Unison.School even more useful for you moving forward!

Posted by Tim@CRT
Posted on 7/7/17 9:05:40 PM
Tags: lesson planner, music education, assessment


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