Grade Book for Rhythm Assessments

Unison.School teachers can now set up multiple rhythm assessments for each class, such as a pre and post test. When logged in, you will now find a Gradebook option in the Teacher menu. 

From the gradebook, select your school session and class, then create a new assignment with a title, due date, and rhythmic rubric. 

You will see each student with a spot for scores. When a student logs in, they will see their own scores, and a link to take the assessment. 

There is also the option to alter scores in the gradebook. At the end of each row is an average score for the student. 

Coming soon, teachers with an active subscription will be able to create their own rhythmic assessments, as well as use the gradebook for recording other non-Unison.School grades. 

Posted by Tim@CRT
Posted on 9/3/17 2:19:40 AM
Tags: Grade Book, Music Education, Orff Schulwerk, Rhythm Assessment


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