Getting Started with Unison.School Planning

Whether it's a new year, new semester, or your first time using Unison.School, there's no better time than today to get started laying out an easy-to-use class planner!

Setting Up a Term (Grading Period)

A term in Unison. School can be for an entire year, semester, or any length. In the Classes page, click "Create New Term." Add a start date and end date, then add in any non-instructional days off, such as PD days, holidays, etc. Note you can edit this term later and add in a snow day, and Unison.School will automatically recalculate your rotating classes!

Watch a video of this step

Adding Classes

Next, add classes with the "Add Class" button. The most important features here for using with the Planner are the "Set Up Calendar" checkbox, and the "Rotation" settings. Select the correct settings for your class. Note that Day 1 of any rotation begins on the first day of your Term that you set up in the previous step.

When you click "Submit," Unison.School starts chugging away in the background, laying out class periods for your entire term. This may take a few moments, so don't panic if your planbook still looks empty at first!


Once the classes are added, go to the "Planner" page, to view the classes! You can choose from Planner view, Month view, Week view, or Day view. To quickly jot down notes for a class, as you would in a paper planner, type directly into the planner view. To see more details on a class, simply click on the name of the class from any view!

Notice there is also room in the planner view to add non-class events, and the ability to sync with your Google Calendar. The planner is also visible on any device, including your phone!

Watch a video about the new Planner


Ready to get started? Just log into Unison.School, and have fun planning!

Posted by Tim@CRT
Posted on 12/30/17 8:19:40 AM
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