Folk Song Database Accesible in Dropdown for Lesson Plans

Many elementary music teachers spend hundreds of hours collecting folk songs into a binder, so that they have access to repertoire for every curriculum objective. While the act of doing this research is itself a valuable learning experience, it is not always practical at every moment. 

What's more, we often have these songs written by hand, or in a database that is inaccessible to our lesson planning.

Thankfully, Unison.School now provides you with a dropdown list of over 100 folk song and original scores that you can use in your own lessons! Simply select from the list, click "Add Song", and it will appear in the first Repertoire field below.

Of course, you can still import your own scores by using the "Insert Image" button within the Repertoire field editor. But now you have an extra 100+ songs at the ready!

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Posted by Tim@CRT
Posted on 9/4/17 6:04:39 PM
Tags: lesson planner, music education, folk songs


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