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While we are aiming to make Unison.School your ideal destination for music education games and tools, there are a lot of amazing free apps already available on the web. We encourage teachers to check out these tools below.


Chrome Music Lab

Google has created a suite of 12 interactive games that are accessible on any device, and can be played by children even in Kindergarten. Students can explore rhythmic patterns (ostinati), high and low pitch, chords, arpeggios, and even drawing their own sounds.


 Learning Activities:

  • Rhythmic Ostinato Creation
  • High-Low Exercises
  • Drawing Sounds
  • Visualizing Wave Forms


Incredibox is a drag and drop mixer of pre-recorded loop patterns (ostinati). Each pattern is represented by a cartoon man with a different outfit. While students cannot create their own patterns with this tool, they enjoy the different combinations possible, and the simplicity of starting. There is an "unlock" challenge that students can try for by finding specific combinations.




While less kid-friendly than the above tools, Noteflight has much to offer your class, especially as a teacher tool and for upper-grade students. There is a free version to buy, and several personal and educational versions available. One excellent application is to show on a projector or smart surface the concept of transposition by simply pressing the up or down cursor.




For a more studio mixing experience, less focused on notation, SoundTrap is an amazing online tool. This is free to try with a Google Account, and you can create up to five projects on a free account!


Classroom Orff Xylophone (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows)


Music Staff Player (iOS)


  • Allow students with disabilities to play along without gripping mallets.
  • Allow students to practice on their own, with headphones, or download and practice at home.
  • Gives teachers a tool to try out melodies and arrangements on the go.

GarageBand (iOS, Mac)

  • Explore multiple instrument sounds and loops.
  • Create multi-track recordings.
  • Compose original music. 

Walk Band (Android)

  • Explore multiple instrument sounds and loops.
  • Create multi-track recordings.
  • Compose original music.
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Posted on 7/11/17 1:23:34 AM
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