Cedar River Tech, LLC, the company that creates and owns Unison.School, will abIde by the following privacy policy.
  1. User information such as usernames and passwords will never be shared with any other parties. Passwords are stored with a secure encryption.
  2. Users’ lesson plans are kept private unless specifically shared by the user. Even when lessons are shared, they belong to the user, and can be removed from sharing at any time. Cedar River Tech will never sell or share your personal material.
  3. Unison.School stores a login ‘cookie’ on the website that allows you to access your lessons, classes, and assessments. Care should be taken to always log out and not save passwords on shared devices.
  4. Unison.School will request access to your location. This is to simplify student logins and teacher registration, but is not stored or used in any other way.
  5. Student information such as usernames and photos are stored securely, with access only for the teacher and administrators of that school. Teachers should only use Identifying information if it complies with their school policies. Unison.School can function fully without student-Identifiable information.