Melodic Assessment Guide

Welcome to the Unison.School melodic assessment game!

Like the instrument studio, the melodic assessment is available for free from any device, anywhere.

Unlike the instruments, this assessment also allows students to take a scored test, and teachers to view the scores of their students!

Click here to learn how to sign in and purchase a subscription.

Using as a Guest

Playing Pitches

Click on the word Melody in the top menu, and select "Assessment." (Pull down menu from the right for mobile).

You will see a simple two-note pattern (so-mi or G-E). Below is a Pentatonic xylophone, and two buttons: Check and Restart.

Tap a bar on the xylophone and you will hear the sound. If you tap the correct next pitch, it will highlight in yellow. When finished, press the "Check" button.

You will get a popup message that tells you if you played the melody correctly. Use the "OK" button to continue.


Once you have completed a rhythm, you will see a score being kept at the top of the page. You can reset the score at any time.

Practicing as a Teacher or Student

Selecting an Assessment Level, Key, and Turning on Rhythm

If you are logged in as a teacher or student, you will see the same screen, but with an additional option at the top to select different assessments, keys, and toggle rhythm patterns.

Assigning as a Graded Test

For details on setting up classes, see the Class/Calendar Guide.

For details on setting up the gradebook and assessments, see the Gradebook Guide.