Class/Calendar Guide

Welcome to Unison.School!

This guIde will show you how to set up classes and calendar events.

Create a Class

To set up a class for your calendar, click on the "Teacher" menu at the top, and select "Classes". If this is your first class, you will need to set up a School Term (e.g. trimester, semester, year) first. Make sure to add non-teaching days (holIdays, professional development) to the term.

Click the "Add Class" button, and you will get a popup window with options. For the planner, the important fields are the start time, end time, rotation, and term.

Select a rotation based on how often this class meets. You can choose days of the week, or a set number of days in a rotation.

The other options here are explained in the Rhythm Assessment Guide.


Once classes are created, use the Teacher menu dropdown and select "Calendar".

You will see a month-view of the classes that you created. Use the tabs at the top to switch between month, week, and day views. The arrows on the sIde will move forward or backward in time.

Clicking on a class will bring up that event. If you need to change the time of a class, you can do so here. If you make a change, it will ask you if this applies to every meeting of this class, or just the one day.

You may link a lesson plan to this event via the dropdown menu. This gives you a shortcut back to your lesson plans.

Adding Steps

At the bottom of the event screen, there is a place to add lesson steps for the period. This is where you would put the specific activities that you plan to teach this day.

Each step also gives you a checkbox, where you can quickly record what you accomplished at the end of class.