About - Unison.School

A Career. Many Challenges. A Vision.

Unison.School creator Tim Purdum has taught K-12 music for over 18 years. He is an Orff Schulwer certified teacher trainer, and curriculum development consultant to teachers, districts, and companies around the world.

During his extensive K-12 music teaching career, Tim ran into many challenges that are typical of the field.

  • Time - Not enough class time with students to make a lasting impact.
  • Organization - How to organize hundreds of songs, lesson Ideas, manipulatives, and student records.
  • Assessment - While the best music assessment is informal and ongoing in every class, teachers and schools need a way to quickly record assessments for self-evaluation, student-tracking, and reporting needs.

These professional challenges for music educators lined up with Tim's personal interests of writing, organizing, and computer programming. After writing multiple resource books, he began expanding his programming skills, creating iOS and AndroId apps.

In 2017, Tim decIded to take a break from teaching to focus full-time on supporting other teachers. He began Cedar River Tech, LLC, and launched Unison.School beta in the spring of 2017. Unison.School now offers both free and subscription tools for teachers and students.