Gradebook Guide

Welcome to Unison.School!

This guIde will show you how to set up class assignments and create rubrics.

See the Class/Calendar Guide for information about creating classes.

Access the Gradebook

You can access the gradebook via the Teacher menu at the top of the page, the large button on the logged in home screeen, or by clicking on the "Grade" button for any class in the Class page.

Create a Rubric

Click the "Edit Rubric" button, and you will get a window with a fresh rubric. Give it a name, then begin listing the levels of accomplishment (e.g. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) across the top, and add new assessments (specific observable skills/knowledge) down the sIde.

Create an Assignment

Back on the gradebook page, use the "Add Assignment" form to create your first class assignment. You may select from the built-in Rhythm Assessments (which allow students to take a test on the website and save their scores) or your personally-created rubrics.

Student Tests

Once assignments are created, have your students log in to take the Rhythm Assessments. Both the student and the teacher will see the results when they complete a test.